17th Oct – Chicago Shootout

We are very pleased to be able to return running events at Palmyra Dragway under an approved Outdoor Sports COVID Safe Plan.

We are allowed to run these events with some significant changes to the procedures to protect our participants, crew & most importantly our volunteer officials while still complying with the government health regulations.

These are difficult and unusual times for us all and the return to some on the track activities comes with extra responsibilities to both you the entrants and your crew as well as the committee of Palmyra Drag Racing Club, therefor your ability to ensure compliance with all the social distancing procedures, Hand Washing and exclusions if unwell is on all of us, there will be officials visiting to ensure we are all doing the right thing and there will be no grey area when ensuring the rules and regulations are carried to the letter. If you are found blatantly ignoring social distancing rules or our hygiene measure that are put in place you will be told to leave the facility immediately. Security will be onsite to help the volunteers manage the guidelines set out by Qld Government and Health Officials.

The only alternative to the conditions outlined below would be to keep our facility closed, which is something non of us want to happen!

We would appreciate your co-operation and understanding at this time, we do also encourage you all to download the COVIDSafe app



Schedule: TBA

IHRA Website

QLD Gov COVID-19 Infromation

Kids 15 & under are free, details of children will need to be included in your online entry to comply with tracing and maximum numbers allowed on site. Children’s details will need to be include on your ticket. 


  1. Every Racer entering Palmyra Dragway on the day must hold a pre-purchased entry with contact numbers must be listed on the online entry form. Names will be checked of the list at the gate- Photo ID will be required
  2. All persons must stop at the gate on arrival, so our officials can check you in and confirm details on record for traceability requirements and issue you with your racer pack.
  3. Children 15 and under are admitted free and must be included in your ticket purchase (free of charge). This is again a necessary step as every person onsite including children must be included in the clubs contact tracing form. It is the responsibility of the entrant that all children must abide by all social distancing rules and regulations the same as all other personnel.
  4. ONLINE ENTRYS WILL CLOSE Wednesday 14th October at 4.00pm –  Entrys may be accepted at the gate depending on numbers, they will incur an extra $50.00 later fee!!

  5. Competitors/crew must maintain a minimum of 1.5 meter distance from another competitors/crew throughout the facility including the staging lanes. Pit areas will be marked, and all only allow for crew to ensure 4 square metres per person social distancing requirement’s. Number of crew in each pit area is the responsibility of the entrant to ensure social distancing guidelines current at the time of the event are followed
  6. Competitors/Crew are to remain with vehicle in staging lanes and maintain social distancing.
  7. To limit numbers in spectators areas Competitors/crew are asked to please return to your pit area once your run/pass has been completed.
  8. Abuse of officials and volunteers will not be tolerated.
  9. Entries will be available on a first in basis. Once our limit is met, we will not accept any more entries. If at the close of entries, we do not have enough to make the class/event viable we will cancel it and refund the entries received for that date only.
  10. If a class does not receive the minimum amount of numbers it may not be run or maybe combined with another class.
  11. Tickets will not be credited for any reason unless Palmyra Drag Racing club cancels the event or the entrant has a valid medical reason and Palmyra Drag racing club are notified via email: web@palmyradragway.com.au, monies will be refunded minus a $5.00 administration fee.
  12. Entry to the facility is as per the schedule when the venue entrant gates is manned.
  13. Camping onsite is for entrants and crew only, social distancing requirements must be maintained, this is the responsibility of the entrant in his/her own pit areas. Entrants must advise organizers before event if they will be camping onsite to ensure Government guidelines can be met.
  14. NO BYO & NO ALCOHOL IN PIT AREA!  If you are found with open tin of alcohol in the pit area during the event your armband will be removed and you will be asked to leave the facility.
  15. All participants including crew and PDRC Volunteers must practice personal hygiene and social distancing practices.
  16.  If you have been overseas or a listed Hot Spot in the last 14 days or you have been in close contact with someone who already has the virus please stay at home!
  17. If you are feeling unwell please stay at home, as above if you advise us that you have a medical reason for not attending we will reimburse any monies paid.


More info can be found on our Facebook page


$180.00 racer entry Friday & Saturday (includes $20 gate entry)

$130.00 Racer entry Saturday ONLY (includes $20 gate entry)

$80.00 Racer Entry FRIDAY ONLY (include $20 gate entry)

$100.00 Junior Entry Friday & Saturday (includes $20.00 gate entry)

$80.00 Junior Entry Saturday ONLY (includes $20.00 gate entry)

$50.00 Junior Entry Friday ONLY (include $20.00 gate entry)

$20.00 Crew/Spectator Entry available online or at the gate.